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Plan A Dark Masquerade Ball And We'll Tell You What % Goth You Are

Movies really made me think I'd go to a lot more masquerade balls as an adult.

Tessa Fahey 19 hours ago

27 Tumblr Posts About Marvel That Hilariously Explain The MCU

"Marvel, where’s my 10 minute video of Thor teaching Earth etiquette to the Asgardians?"

Tessa Fahey 2 days ago

23 Good, Wholesome, And Pure Tumblr Posts To Brighten Your Day

"Babies have a lot of things to put in pockets like…….their Very Small Hands……a single ravioli……"

Tessa Fahey 7 days ago

What Was The Absolute Best Queer Scene From A TV Show Or Movie In The 2010s?

I'm happy to say there are plenty to choose from.

Tessa Fahey 7 days ago

Pretend You're Making An ASMR Video And We'll Guess How Old You Are

For the full effect, you'll need someone to whisper the questions to you.

Tessa Fahey 8 days ago
Tessa Fahey 8 days ago
Tessa Fahey 9 days ago

How Well Do You Remember The Guest Stars Of "Glee"?

For reference, there are over 500 credited cast members.

Tessa Fahey 9 days ago

28 Tumblr Posts That Are Really Funny And Maybe A Little Blasphemous

"When Jesus knew Judas would betray him but invited him to brunch just for the drama of it all."

Tessa Fahey 9 days ago

27 Times Tumblr Got Way Too Excited For Halloween

"We wouldn’t even be here if Jesus hadn’t slain that colossal pumpkin."

Tessa Fahey 12 days ago

Only 8% Of People Can Match These Latin American Countries With Their Flags

You love the culture, but do you know the flag?

Tessa Fahey 13 days ago

23 "Vibe Check" Memes That In No Way Clarify What A "Vibe Check" Is

"Started referring to my therapy appointments as vibe checks, and my therapist threatened to stop taking my insurance."

Tessa Fahey 15 days ago

32 Funny Interpretations Of Literature That Are So Tumblr

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Kid was born bigger than anticipated. Absolutely jacked."

Tessa Fahey 16 days ago
Tessa Fahey 16 days ago

26 Times Tumblr Truly And Forever Ended Men

"Where do boys get off thinking they’re better than girls? Have you seen the difference in Powerpoint project quality?"

Tessa Fahey 16 days ago

We Know What You Should Be For Halloween Based On The Choices You Make In This Trick-Or-Treating Simulation

If you take this and then buy some candy, it's basically like real trick-or-treating.

Tessa Fahey 16 days ago

Eat Black Food For A Day And We'll Tell You Where You Are On The Goth-Emo Spectrum

This is super important to know before spooky season.

Tessa Fahey 17 days ago

21 Things For VSCO Girls Who Need A VSCO Hangout

Every VSCO girl needs a VSCO hangout full of ~good vibes only~.

Tessa Fahey 18 days ago

It's Been 10 Years Since "Jennifer's Body" Premiered, So Here's The Cast Then Vs. Now

"Nice insult, Hannah Montana. You got any more harsh digs?"

Tessa Fahey 19 days ago

29 Sweaters From Walmart You May Want To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

These will prevent that early fall lack-of-sweater panic, so don't ~sweat~ it.

Tessa Fahey 26 days ago