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45 Low-Effort Ways To Have A More Polished Look

I want to *look* put-together, but I don't want to *try* to look put-together. You know?

AnaMaria Glavan • 5 minutes ago
Emma McAnaw • 1 hour ago
Yi Yang • 2 hours ago

29 Products That’ll Help Make Grooming Your Pet So Much Easier

These products just might be paws-itively essential when it comes to keeping your pets looking and feeling their best.

Mallory Mower • 3 hours ago

28 Things Under $20 You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Some of them are also under $10, and some are even under $5 — so what are you waiting for?

Katy Herman • 4 hours ago

34 Things Worth Buying For Their Looks Alone

Pretty and practical, ya love to see it.

Kayla Suazo • 5 hours ago
Rachel Dunkel • 6 hours ago

44 Beauty Products Under $10 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Raise your hand if you are done with paying a ton of $$$ for subpar mascara.

AnaMaria Glavan • 7 hours ago
Maitland Quitmeyer • 8 hours ago
Mallory Mower • 9 hours ago

27 Small Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

"If you love something, let it go." —you re: all that disposable plastic you used to use so much of.

Rachel Dunkel • 10 hours ago

26 Inexpensive Dresses I May Be Tempted To Buy In Every Color, Thank You Very Much

I'll have one in that color and also in all of the other colors. Thank you.

32 Drugstore Skincare Products That Might Make You Say "Bye" To Luxury Brands

"Assistance on aisle one — there's someone here crying tears of joy."

40 Cleaning Products That Are A Heck Of A Lot Cheaper Than Hiring A Cleaning Service

We can white lie to your friends and family and tell them you hired a cleaning service if you want.

22 Things That'll Help Make Your Bathroom Look Its Best

Dear bathrooms everywhere — don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful.

32 Products Under $15 I Think You’ll Actually Use, And Not Just Throw Into Your Junk Drawer

Maybe you can start re-labeling your "junk drawers" as your "useful drawers."

20 Things For Anyone Whose Goal Is To Actually Remember To Pack A Lunch

Say it with me: "No 👏🏾 More 👏🏾 Buying 👏🏾 Lunch." Nope, not even $1 🍟.

Now We’re Giving You 15% Off At Verishop To Make Designer Brands A Little More Affordable

From covetable fashion, beauty, and fashion brands like AllSaints, Karen Walker, Smeg, Vince, Woolrich, Oribe, and more.

25 Things From Walmart That'll Help Unwashed Hair Look Fresher And Cleaner

Give your shampoo a rest — these'll make you want to whip your hair back and forth.

28 Sweaters Under $30 For Anyone Looking To Stay Warm On A Budget

Stock up on the prettiest sweaters and cardigans without taking out a second mortgage.

26 Sweet Little Things That May Put You In A Happier Mood

For those days when you could use an extra smile or two.

23 Gorgeous Accessories That Are Also Under $10

Surprisingly inexpensive things that'll upgrade your whole outfit.

28 Things For Anyone Who Desperately Needs To Chill Out

*tucks you into bed and spritzes you with lavender spray* shhhhhhhh.

30 Cleaning Products Under $20 For People Who Haven't Tidied Up In Forever

"9-1-1? Hello, I'm a sentient house and my human hasn't cleaned me in five years."