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23 "Crappy" Movies That Are Actually Fantastic

Rotten Tomatoes needs to check itself.

Shelby Heinrich 8 hours ago

18 Movie Endings That Made No Sense Whatsoever

"I have no clue what it means, but I think about it every day."

Taylor Owens 10 hours ago
Matt Stopera 11 hours ago

The 17 Most Unrealistic Things Women Have Done In Rom-Com Movies

Sorry to break it to ya, but not all women want to have kids!

Kayla Yandoli 40 minutes ago

21 Things That Apparently Make You An Old Person Now

I don't make the rules, the youth do.

Dave Stopera 1 hour ago
Andrew Ziegler 12 hours ago

This Quiz Will Reveal Which DC Superhero You Are

Are you more Superman or Wonder Woman?

Hanifah Rahman 9 hours ago

Lizzy Caplan Agrees That Janis Ian Was Actually One Of The Mean Girls

Caplan opened up to BuzzFeed News about working on Castle Rock and a Mean Girls reboot.

David Mack 7 hours ago
Nora Dominick 40 minutes ago

17 Tweets About "The Walking Dead" Season 10 Episode, "Ghost"

"Carol going full Jessie Spano this week."

Stephen LaConte 2 hours ago

18 Tweets About The Premiere Of HBO's "Watchmen" That You Can Read Before Or After Watching

"The pilot episode of Watchmen is astonishing. Confidently mysterious, stellar visuals and soundtrack, excellent casting. I’m all in on this show."

Jen Abidor 40 minutes ago

35 Actors Who Were So Perfectly Cast In Movie Roles That No One Else Could've Played It

"Can you even imagine going to see the live action Lion King remake and not hearing James Earl Jones' iconic voice? No? Didn't think so."

Nora Dominick 40 minutes ago

17 Unforgettable Moments And Trends Of The 2010s Decade

A look back on what really stuck out this last decade.

Which Panic! At The Disco Song From "Vices & Virtues" Are You?

This isn't a competition, but if you get "Nearly Witches", you win.

17 Tweets About Horse Girl Energy That'll Never Not Be Funny

Horse girls (rich) are out, cowgirls (working class) are in.

Sarah Wainschel 10 hours ago

Choose 9 Popular Movies And We'll Tell You Which Decade You Belong In

Are you more of a '70s child or a '90s babe?

The Most Important Celebrity Break-Ups Of The Decade

From Bennifer to Jelena, let's take a look back at the relationships that were.

purple8giraffe 12 hours ago
Matt Stopera 41 minutes ago
Casey Rackham 2 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich 3 hours ago

It's Almost Impossible To Make It Past Level 15 On This Never-Ending Muppets Quiz

WARNING: This is the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational quiz you'll ever take!

19 Real-Life Events So Messed Up, They Made Horror Movies About Them

Sometimes the only thing scarier than the horror genre is the news.

Christopher Hudspeth 6 hours ago
Ajani Bazile 12 hours ago

31 Of The Scariest Movies From This Decade

You'll probably want to sleep with the lights on after watching these.

Casey Rackham 40 minutes ago

16 Reasons Why Hilary From "The Fresh Prince" Was A Total Icon

The epitome of black girl magic ✨✨✨

Things That Didn't Exist At The Start Of The 2010s But Are 100% Necessary Now

It's literally been the longest 10 years in the history of time.

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