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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

19 Tweets About Summer 2k19 That Are Feverishly Funny

"The only thing acting up this summer is my skin."

Pablo Valdivia • 32 minutes ago

19 Parents Who Are Barely Surviving Having Their Kids Home For The Summer

"Now what?" — kids on the fourth day of summer break.

Mike Spohr • 7 hours ago

35 Struggles From The Late '90s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 33-45 Used To Have

Pretty sure zig-zag headbands were medieval torture devices!

Brian Galindo • 31 minutes ago

19 Ridiculous, But Legit Reasons People Had To Get Divorces

"When he dropped me off for my hysterectomy and I didn’t see him again for three days."

Krista Torres • 31 minutes ago

19 Problems Millennials Had That Gen-Zers Will Need To Google

If you remember saying, "Call me after 7:00 p.m., when I have free minutes" then this list for you.

25 Parents Who Won't Be Winning "Parent Of The Year" Anytime Soon

They're just trying to survive until bedtime.

19 Dads Who Didn't Want A Dog And Came Around Real Fast

A dog will change you for the better.

Cassie Announced Her Pregnancy And Her Partner Wrote The Sweetest Letter To Celebrate

"I promise to always come home with a great attitude and give our children and you undivided attention."

Serena Williams Used An Adorable Pic Of Her Daughter To Explain Why Braids Aren't Just A Hairstyle

"Braiding started in Africa with the Himba people of Namibia. We have been braiding our hair for centuries."

Disney Just Unveiled An Advance Look At Their Limited-Edition Merch For D23

The ultimate Disney fan event with the ultimate gifts, too.

Jimmy Fallon Made #DadQuotes Trend On Twitter And You’re Going To Laugh And Groan So Hard

"My dad mispronounces everything. He calls Celine Dion 'Dion Salon.'"

17 Infuriating Moments You Only Experience Once You Have Kids

Parenting is hard enough without this crap.

27 Cringeworthy Ways People Got Proposed To That'll Make You Appreciate Being Single

"I want to leave my wife for you, will you marry me?"

17 Tweets About Getting Old That Are Deeply Upsetting And Relatable If You're Over 25

"You know you're getting old when you pull out your high-powered back massager and actually use it on your back."

People Are Sharing The Exact Moment They Realized They Were "Getting Old" And LOL

"When I started keeping an 'emergency Kleenex' in my sleeve..."

Sarah Aspler • 31 minutes ago

15 Babysitters Whose Texts Are Way Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

"Mayday, mayday, the baby is pooping — SOS!"

17 Tweets That Made People Who Hate Kids Kinda Like Kids

"¡VIVA LA RESISTANCE!" —an 8-year-old

17 Ex Text Responses That Are As Legendary As They Are Savage

Never text an ex unless you're willing to get dragged for it.

This Dad Chatting With His Baby Is Maybe The Cutest Thing On The Internet...Ever

"Exactly what I was thinking! We think a lot alike, huh?"

"SpongeBob SquarePants" Is Getting A Spinoff Prequel Series, And It's The Best News Of The Day

Are ya ready to watch this new show, kids?! ...I can't hear you!

15 Pregnant Women Who Definitely Know How To Dress A Bump

They definitely know how to style a bump.

Pablo Valdivia • 12 hours ago

25 Hilarious Beatles Memes That Will Keep You Laughing Eight Days A Week

Only serious Beatles' fans will find these funny.

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