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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

Krista Torres 7 hours ago

17 Hilarious Parents' Devastating Insults And Comebacks

No one can zing you quite like your mom and dad.

29 Rare And Original Baby Names That Are Totally Delightful

These parents really went for it when naming their kids.

Shay Mitchell's Dramatic Birth Video Revealed She Was In Labour For 33 Hours And Didn't Sleep For Two Days

After being in labour for 33 hours, Shay said: "[It was the] best experience of my life. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you get when you hold your child for the first time."

Ben Henry 12 hours ago

Troian Bellisario Casually Shared Her Daughter's Name A Year After Giving Birth

If you ever need someone to keep a secret, Troian is your girl.

Marissa G. Muller 8 hours ago

100 Period Tweets That Will Make Anyone Who Has One Laugh Then Cry

"[arm falls off] probably cuz my period’s soon."

Crystal Ro 11 hours ago

Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Forgot Their Wedding Anniversary But Their Excuse Makes Up For It

"When you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant."

Morgan Murrell 8 hours ago

Jimmy Fallon Answers Impossibly Hard "Would You Rather" Parenting Questions

Would you rather only be able to discipline your kids using your Barry Gibb voice or your Mick Jagger voice?

17 Cringeworthy Moments Parents Have Been Unlucky Enough To Experience

All parents need a vacation, but these really do.

Mike Spohr 8 hours ago

26 Hilarious Stories About Teachers Being Weird As Heck That Are Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

"My teacher thinks the word 'test' is too harsh, so she calls it a 'celebration of knowledge.'"

Allie Hayes 56 minutes ago
Morgan Murrell 9 hours ago

16 Good Things That Happened This Week That The News Forgot To Mention

*immediately invests in R.E.M. sleep fart tracking technology*

Christopher Hudspeth 6 hours ago
Jon-Michael Poff 56 minutes ago

16 Kids That Got Way More Creative Punishments Than A Time Out

"My dad's favorite punishment was donating our allowance money to charity."

100 Teacher Tweets That Will Make You Stop What You're Doing And Pray For Them

"I’m eating lunchroom chili dogs today. All thoughts and prayers are appreciated."

Ryan Reynolds Just Confirmed That Blake Lively Gave Birth By Posting A Hilarious Picture With His Newborn Daughter

As well as trolling us all with the picture, Ryan also used the platform to encourage people to vote in the upcoming Canadian elections.

21 Wild Injury Stories That I'm Still Laughing At

"There were rumors I had died."

We Asked An Expert To Explain Lesser-Known Things That Happen After Childbirth

Varicose veins in your vulva is common after pregnancy.

Miranda Kerr Revealed The Name Of Her Newborn Son In An Adorable Instagram Post

"We couldn't be more excited to welcome our beautiful son into our family."

21 Hilariously Honest Parents Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

"When my 10-year-old asks for something and I just give a huge sigh, she says, 'Yay!' because she knows she's already won."

Here Are The 286 Best Halloween Costume Ideas On The Internet

I promise you'll find your Halloween costume here.

The Dumbest Phone In The World Is Maybe Genius — For Parents

Gabb is the only smartphone with no browser, no apps, no email. Is this heaven, or is it made for 11-year-olds?

This Quiz Will Determine If You're Either More Barbie Or More Bratz

The age-old question — well, since at least the early '00s!

17 Tweets About Parenting Advice That Are Hilarious If You Have Kids

"Unsolicited parenting advice? Yes, please!"

Only Old Millennials And Gen-Xers Will Be Able To Recognize At Least 65/70 Of These '90s Alt-Rock Songs

And if you're under 22 and listen to all of these songs on a regular basis, then you have taste!

14 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Need Of A Good Cry

Let those happy tears flow freely.

15 Kids Who Will Leave You Scratching Your Head Pretty Hard

I have some questions for these kids.

Babysitters Are Sharing The Secrets They Found Out About The Parents They Work For, And Y'all Are Not Ready

"The 7-year-old said, 'Don't open that drawer! Mommy said it has bags of sugar in it!"

15 Kids Who Are Figuring Life Out Way Faster Than The Rest Of Us

They are going places you've never, ever been.

Pixar's "Onward" Has Its First Trailer And It Gave Me Absolutely All Of The Feelings

Please excuse me while I call my father, sobbing! Thank you!

People Are Tweeting Hilariously Weird Things They Did As Kids, And There Are No Words

"I had a folder in my desk with a hair from every kid in the class on an individual piece of tape with their name just in case cloning technology was ever invented."

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