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Alex Naidus • 5 hours ago

Alexa Plays The Highwaymen Instead Of The Highwomen

"Me: Alexa, play the Highwomen. Alexa: Shuffling songs by the Highwaymen. Me: [dies of patriarchy]."

Tegan And Sara’s New Book Reminds Us To Take Teens Seriously

In their new book High School and an album revisiting early demos, Tegan and Sara explore how their teen years shaped them — and me.

Here's A Tour Inside Taylor Swift's Actual Cornelia Street Rental

🎶 I rent a place on Cornelia Street with an indoor pool, an art gallery, and exposed brick / I say casually in the car 🎶

A Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Has Sparked A Huge Backlash From Fans

"Watching an empty shell of her perform isn’t the type of memory I want to associate with such an extraordinary artist," one fan said. "What a disgrace to Whitney’s legacy."

Answer These Questions To Find Out Which Chungha Song You Are

As one of the most versatile K-Pop artists alive, Chungha has a song for everyone.

We Know Which Gwen Stefani Song You're Most Like Based On Your Personality

This is for the Gwen Stefani fans across the world.

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Song From Melanie Martinez's "K-12" You're Most Like

"I never signed up for your drama, up for your drama, up for your drama club!" 🎭

Can You Pass This Week's Pop Culture Test?

Couples, kisses, babies, and more!

J.Lo Has Been Slaying Consistently For Over 20 Years And Still Won't Get Her Foot Off Our Necks

Jenny from the block has never once been caught slippin', and we stan her for the amount of perfection.

15 Things That Made The Internet Go "Whoa" This Week

Caroline Calloway's Instagram drama, Kristin Cavallari's awkward 9/11 tribute, and more.

17 Products Every True Ariana Grande Fan Needs

You like my Ariana Grande stuff? Gee, thanks, just bought it.

15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

Maluma as little kid kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Let's Play "Would You Rather" With These Fall-Themed NCT 127 Questions

Carve pumpkins with Jaehyun or watch horror movies with Doyoung?

Create A Music Festival Lineup And We'll Reveal Your Aesthetic

Festivals are about the music, but they're also about the aesthetic.

Which Drake Song That Didn't Make It Onto "Care Package" Are You?

Drake forgot to add these to Care Package, and we're sad.

When You See These 15 Music Artists, Do You Think Of The Same Songs As Everyone Else?

What's the first song you think of when you see Britney Spears?

15 Celebrity Moments You Definitely Need To Know About This Week

Kirsten Dunst memes, a Jessica Simpson clapback, and a very sad Tana Mongeau.

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