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Lavanya Narayanan • 6 hours ago

What Tips Do You Have For Making Yourself Poop?

Close the bathroom door and answer us this.

Lavanya Narayanan • 6 minutes ago

15 Fruit Photos That'll Slightly Confuse, Yet Intrigue You

Petition to make all grapes look like mini pumpkins.

Pablo Valdivia • 1 hour ago

23 Italians Who Have Absolutely HAD IT With American Versions Of Their Food

"We're not just offended, we're actually vomiting."

Daniella Emanuel • 3 hours ago

12 Simple Pasta Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know

Tips, tricks, and tweaks that'll take your pasta from good to great.

Jesse Szewczyk • 1 hour ago
Dave Stopera • 1 hour ago
Ryan Schocket • 7 hours ago

Your Taste Preferences Will Tell Us What Type Of Restaurant You'd Be

There's a restaurant type for every personality!

Matheus Saad • 6 hours ago
Krista Torres • 2 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 5 minutes ago
Dave Stopera • 12 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 1 hour ago

21 Hilarious Target Tweets That’ll Make You Feel Seen

This is for anyone who has gone to Target for just one item and left with a dozen things you didn't know you needed.

Brian Galindo • 2 hours ago

Plan A Day At Disneyland And We'll Tell You Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love

Find your happily ever after at "The Happiest Place On Earth"!

Brian Galindo • 1 hour ago

15 Customer Service Horror Stories That'll Actually Make Your Blood Boil

"I walked into the fitting room, and there was poop EVERYWHERE."

Spencer Althouse • 5 minutes ago

Would You Rather: Raw Food Vs. Cooked Food Edition

Cookie dough or cookies? You decide.

Taylor Owens • 12 hours ago
Farrah Penn • 5 hours ago

22 Pictures Of Food So Perfect They're Physically Attractive

You ever see food so aesthetically pleasing that you don't even want to touch it?

Are Your Pizza Opinions Actually Normal?

Pineapple? Anchovies?? RANCH???

Eat A Ton Of Chocolate And We’ll Reveal Your Deepest Desire

The truth lies in those buttery cacao nibs.

Lavanya Narayanan • 7 hours ago

Eat At This Breakfast Buffet And We’ll Reveal What High School Clique You Belong In

The most important meal of the day AND the most important four years of your life!

22 Things That Baffled Anyone Who Grew Up In The '90s

Why would you name both your sons Pete?!

Only People Obsessed With Salad Will Get 19/26 On This Quiz

Lettuce find out how much you love salad!

Sarah Aspler • 7 hours ago

If You Were Cast In A Pixar Movie, This Is The Character You'd Play

Pastries and Pixar sounds like something we should get behind.

Jame Jackson • 2 hours ago

16 Refreshing Summer Dinners You Can Make In Your Slow Cooker

Because when it's 100°F outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on your oven.

Kat Angus • 1 hour ago
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