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22 Facts That Will Be Truly Upsetting To '90s Girls

"I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" —You reading this

Brian Galindo • 3 hours ago

21 "Friends" Facts That'll Really Make You Realize How Old The Show Is

So no one told you life was gonna be this way (aka that you could feel this old).

Brian Galindo • 4 hours ago

Here's The TV Show Your State Would Vote For At The Emmys

Texas loves Mandy Moore from This Is Us!


15 Surprisingly Dark Disney Channel Moments You Probably Forgot About

The movie Smart House? Actually very creepy.


Only Someone Who Has Seen Every Marvel Movie Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

This will require every facet of your being.


We Need to Discuss The Two Different Ways J.Lo Wore Her Iconic Green Dress At Milan Fashion Week

At 50-years-old, J.Lo recreated her epic Grammy dress on and off the runway.


We Know Which Marvel Squad You Belong In

Are you more Avengers, Revengers, or Guardians?


Sorry Gen Z, Millennials, And Gen-Xers, Only Baby Boomers Will Recognize Over 35 Of These Faces

Gen -Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Zers need not apply!


15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"What a day to be alive."


If You've Done At Least Half Of These Things You're A VSCO Gay

This list might make you spit out your White Claw, sksksksk.

Here's How Celebrities Are Taking Part In The Climate Strike

From Billie Eilish to Mark Ruffalo, these celebs are using their platform for good.

Alexa Plays The Highwaymen Instead Of The Highwomen

"Me: Alexa, play the Highwomen. Alexa: Shuffling songs by the Highwaymen. Me: [dies of patriarchy]."

Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Still Wants To Bring Back "Sex And The City" After All That Cast Drama

"I wouldn't call it a reboot, I would call it a ‘revisit.’”

Brad Pitt Loves Kanye West As Much As Kanye Loves Kanye West

"I love that there's a Kanye out there in the world."

16 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Celebs Shared With Us This Week

Photos of Prince Harry throughout the his life kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Cole Sprouse Reunited With Hugsy From "Friends," And It's A Good Reminder That We're All Old

Ben Geller is older than Rachel Green was when the show started...

16 Pictures Taken Of Famous People This Week

Here's what they were caught doing.


23 "Law And Order: SVU" Cast And Guest Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 21

Mariska Hargitay has starred in 460 episodes and counting.


Tegan And Sara’s New Book Reminds Us To Take Teens Seriously

In their new book High School and an album revisiting early demos, Tegan and Sara explore how their teen years shaped them — and me.


24 Times Tumblr Remembered The Ups And Downs Of "Glee"

"Ryan Murphy, a baby boomer, created Glee to oppress me every Tuesday night in high school."

40 "Facts" That No Millennial Would Dispute

Destiny's Child was ROBBED of an Oscar and you can't tell us otherwise!


Only A Real "Dancing With The Stars" Fan Can Get 10/14 On This Quiz

If you've been watching this show in secret for years, now is your time to shine!


Wanna Know Which Character From "Hustlers" You Are? Then Spend Some Money

What's the point of making money if you never spend it?

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